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IMPORTANT: Are you reporting events where a person, child or young person is at immediate risk of harm? Consider requesting an immediate police response by calling 999, or call 101 to obtain police assistance and advice if not an emergency, or you feel a crime is being or has been committed.

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Please provide us with your details in full and unabbreviated. Completing these details will allow us to provide you with greater feedback.

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Please tell us where the information has come from. If someone told you this information, please provide their details (name and contact details). If this is from your own observations, then please enter "as above"


What do you want to tell us and why? (5WH - Who, What, Why, Where, When and How?) Please provide as much detail as possible about people, nicknames, places, ages, descriptions, addresses, vehicles, clothing, social media accounts, what was said, etc.

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When sending supporting material, please ensure the documents are appropriately named, so that they can be matched to your partnership intelligence submission