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When can you use Humberside Police’s Road Traffic Collision self-reporting form?

  • When the collision has occurred in the Humberside Police area
  • When the collision occurred on a road or in a public place, for example in a shop car park during business hours.
  • When there was damage to another person’s property e.g.
    • A vehicle
    • A property (including a wall, building, gate, hedgerow, tree etc.)
    • Street Furniture (for example signage, bollards, traffic lights, barriers etc.)
    • Animal/livestock (this does not include wild animals or domestic cats)
    • Where driver and vehicle details have been refused or not exchanged.


When exchanging details after a collision which has caused damage as described above, it is only necessary to obtain the vehicle registration mark (VRM) and the name of the person who was driving the vehicle.
If the claim is to be progressed through an insurer however there is no need to complete a self-report.
If anyone suffers an injury as a result of the RTC, this must be confirmed by a G.P. or hospital. RTC’s that have resulted in an injury are not to be self-reported.