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What is a Community Trigger?

A Community Trigger is the process where a member of the community can request a review of their case, to ensure that a group of agencies have provided an appropriate response to the reported antisocial behaviour.

The Community Trigger is designed to ensure that agencies work together to investigate how your case was dealt with. We will do this by talking about the problem, sharing information where required and acting together to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

It is important to note that the Community Trigger does not replace the complaints procedures within individual organisations and should not be treated as such.

Does it apply to me, or someone I know?

Any Community Trigger requests within South Yorkshire take into account both the nature of the reported incidents and the number of incidents experienced.

  • Nature of the incident - Did it cause you harassment, alarm or distress?
  • Number of incidents - Have you reported 3 separate incidents relating to the same (or similar) issue within a 6 month period? The most recent incident must not be more than a month old.

If you answered 'yes' to the above 2 statements, you can ask to start the Community Trigger

Alternatively, if 5 different households have separately reported the same issue within a 6 month period, the Community Trigger threshold has also been met.

How to progress

If you meet the above criteria, you can ask for us to progress the Community Trigger on your behalf. Please proceed to complete the online form, alternatively you can call 101 or if you prefer, you can download and print out the form

Please note - For the Community Trigger to be valid, your circumstances need to meet the criteria as detailed above. You will need to provide details each time you have contacted a relevant agency, who you contacted (name, organisation and/or incident reference number) and the information about your complaint. If you do not have this information, please provide as much information as possible to allow detailed enquiries to be made.